Fitting and Making

Why Custom Fit Your Golf Clubs?

Over 90% of all golfers play with golf clubs that are not suitable for them, making it harder for them to play the golf they really want.

You can probably relate to the below situation…


Having golf lessons and practicing with ill-fitted clubs will not cure your problems it will just lead to major frustration.


Demo days where you can test clubs are NOT equivalent to a fitting session. We conduct personalised one on one fitting sessions with a qualified certified professional club fitter and golf coach to ensure the best possible outcome. These sessions include the use of specialised technology such as:

  • FlightScope Launch Monitor
  • Video Analysis Software
  • Comprehensive golf club testing equipment
  • All testing is conducted in our state of the art indoor studio

     Flightscope_Results-585x435     Flightscope_Shot-Plot-1-585x435


Play the golf of your dreams with custom made golf clubs following your custom fitting.



Be the smart golfer that you are and get professionally fitted!


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